W-SLDA Toolkit

Self-consistent solver
of mathematical problems
which have structure
formally equivalent to
Bogoliubov-de Gennes equations.

W-SLDA Toolkit is designed to solve problems related to fermionic superfluidity. Particularly it is well suited to study static and dynamic properties of ultracold Fermi gases across BCS - BEC crossover. W-SLDA Toolkit implements functionals for reliable studies of system being in weakly interacting BCS regime (BdG functional) and in strongly interacting regime, called unitary Fermi gas (SLDA functional).

W-SLDA Toolkit allows for studies of the system properties as a function of:

  • interaction strength askF,
  • system dimensionality,
  • population imbalance,
  • mass imbalance,
  • temperature.

For full list of functionalities see here.

Purpose of publication of W-SLDA Toolkit

Many journals require that authors make materials, data, code promptly available to readers on request. The aim of this webpage is to comply with this requirement. 
Moreover, the open-source programming model turns out to be very efficient in the context of creating high-quality and reliable code. It is already known as “Linus’s Law”: “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow”.
These two reasons were main motivation for us to release the W-SLDA codes.

Finally, if the code turns out to be useful to others, it will be further motivation for us to continue working on this project.

W-SLDA Toolkit
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